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Lawyer’s Office of Berta (former called Lawyer’s Office of Dr. Csaba Berta) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Csaba Berta attorney at law, foreign trade expert lawyer.
The will of the founder was to represent his clients in all scopes with a very high quality profession. The office is still working in this turn of mind.
To represent our clients more efficient we have continuous contacts with bookeepers, tax advisers, real estate agents and foreign lawyer’s offices, so our clients can take advantage of complete representation too.
The lawyer’s office has one member: Dr. Csaba Berta attorney at law.
Our field of specialty:
  • civil legal and nonlitigious proceedings
  • representation in court in German and Russian language areas
  • real estate marketing
  • foreign trade
  • customs law and tax law
  • intellectual crimes
  • real estate law
  • economic law
  • labor law
We are ready to represent our clients in German, Russian and English language areas: we can help them to estabilish business contacs with foreign partners, to research the market, to come onto the market, or to found a new company.

Handling of problematic outstandings, law enforcement in Ukraine and Russia.

Most of our clients are domestic and foreign companies, so we have german, austrian, switch, russian, ukrainian and japanese partners.
Our spacious, exclusive formed office is located in the heart of Szolnok, near the bank of the Tisza river at the Szigligeti Theater in the business district.
Our parteners: Unimax Hungária Légtechnika Zrt. (Szolnok), BACHL Kft. (Tószeg), LAING Kft. (Cegléd), CLAAS Hungária Kft (Törökszentmiklós), Specmontazsgaz (Oroszország), FULKER H+F Kft. (Budapest), Sovtransavto Hungary Kft. (Budapest)
H-5000 Szolnok, Szigligeti u. 3.
Tel/Fax: 00-36-56-412-247
Mobile: 00-36-30-9555-204
Dr. Csaba Berta